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The Success System That Never Fails Review:

This is the Self-Help book that is written by a Insurance salesmen William C. Stone, and it talking about habits that you need to acquire in order to become successful. But the book is not written in way that it presents exact steps that you need acquire – the content in this book contain stories from which you can learn what is the right habit(s) that you need to acquire. I will try to write some of the habits that I learned from this book, but it’s not anything new for me, I already know these habits from other books.

Some of the habits presented in this book in no particular order are:

  • Education – This is one the most habits in my opinion, and if you don’t have skills that you can use to earn more money – than you need to learn new ones. But with the internet these, majority of new skills can be learned through books and courses which are less expensive than going to college. But I won’t agree that college isn’t important these days, that’s another topic.
  • Practice – Everything that we learn will not be useful if we don’t put that knowledge into good use. Because the best way to learn something is to just practice it until you master it.
  • Know-how – This habit is combination of two above, we need to try narrowing down our interest and not try to learn too many things. When your focus it’s not on too many things, then we can learn as much as possible abou that specific industry, and through practice mastering that skill. It’s useless to learn about stock market, clothing manufacturing, reparing and restoring cars, being a chef all at once – you’ll learn a bit of everything, but nothing that can be called specialized knowledge.
  • Action – We need to take action if we want to succeed in life. Nothing will came to us by itself, if we don’t get up and go and grab things that we want.
  • What is riches for you? – We need to seek in ourselves what is true riches for us. In my case, I think is having a house (that I don’t need to mortgage for the next 20 years), good wife with happy marriage, kids, and having enough money that I don’t need to worry am I going to be able to pay next bills, education for kids, vacation; also to be able to help my parents. This is something that vary from person to person – and everybody need to find it in them selves.
  • Believer – There is a part of this book that is telling that we need to be religious, pray for success in order to that success come to us. I have to be honest on this one and say that I’m not much into religion; but I have moral ethic that I follow.
  • Respectful (Respect yourself, and respect others as well) – This one doesn’t need much explanation except “Don’t do unto others, what you don’t want others to do unto you.”
  • Think Win/Win – This is one is very well known, if you doing business with other make sure that you negotiate deals that is beneficial for both sides, not just for you and damaging for other. This won’t last long, and sooner or later we can end up without business partners and associates.

There are more things that can be learned from this book, but I don’t want to make this review too long.

I have to say that if you are looking something easier to understand, that you might want to read The Law of Success, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

This books are much more easier to read and to understand, and they are written for beginners in mind that are looking for good Self-Help, Self-Improvement, Self-Development books. And if already read those books, than you won’t find anything new in this book. If you want something to boost your confidence to take more action, than by no means go ahead and read it. But I would suggest that is better to read again books from Napoleon and Stephen.

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The Success System Summary:

Can There Really Be a System for Success?

  • An Introduction
  • Everyone Wants Something
  • In This House
  • Desire Is the Beginning to All Human Achievement
  • Prepare for Future Abundance

The Search Begins

  • A Young Boy Begins the Search
  • The Boy’s Search Goes On
  • The Upward Climb
  • Decisions Are Important when Followed Through with Action
  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

All success swings on the three phrases listed below. Once you truly understand what they mean, you’re on your way to a golden future. The remaining chapters in this book give you an understanding of the three phrases–but you must open your mind and look for meanings.

  1. Inspiration to Action
  2. Know-how
  3. Activity knowledge

Get Ready for Tomorrow

  • Get Your Money’s Worth
  • Do Twice as Much in Half the Time
  • Think for Yourself
  • How I Overcame Timidity and Fear
  • How to Neutralize Timidity and Fear
  • Know When to Quit
  • How to Get a Person to Listen to You
  • Play to Win
  • Why It Was Written

What Does It Mean to You?

As you search for the success system that never fails, you will make faster and more permanent progress by keeping in mind the three necessary ingredients, which are, in order of their importance:

  1. Inspiration to action: that which motivates you, or anyone else, to act because you want to.
  2. Know-how: the particular techniques and skills that consistently get results for   you.  Know-how is the proper application of knowledge.  Know-how becomes habit through actual repetitive experience.
  3. Activity  knowledge:   knowledge   of the   activity,   service, product, methods, techniques, and skills with which you are particularly concerned.

Be a Self-Builder

  • It’s in Your Mind
  • Take Inventory of Yourself
  • Power of Will
  • You Reach the Soul Through the Mindđ
  • Tear Down the Unseen Walls
  • Be a Self-Builder

Don’t Leave Your Future Behind You

  • Is Your Future Behind You?
  • He Left His Future Behind Him
  • How to Win Over Yourself
  • Try to Do the Right Thing Because It Is Right
  • From Rags to Riches
  • RMA and Inspirational Dissatisfaction
  • Where Dr. Joe Goes, God Goes
  • The Blessing of Work
  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

I Find the Treasure Map

  • Easier to Succeed than to Fail
  • It Takes Less Work to Succeed Than to Fail
  • I Learned a Lot About a Little
  • Short-Term Success and Long Term Failure
  • Do What You Are Afraid to Do
  • The Door I Feared Opened to Opportunity
  • Temporary Failures but Permanent Success

How to Find What You Are Looking For

  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

Get on the Right Course

  • When You Need It, Know Where to Find It
  • He Turned Defeat into Victory
  • Practice Overcomes Handicaps
  • Three Won’t Be Three if One Is Missing
  • From Success to Failure
  • “You’ve Got Backbone–You’re It!”
  • You Don’t Need to Know All the Answers
  • The Most Important Ingredient of Success
  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

Go Power

  • Mixed Emotions Intensify GO POWER
  • The Greatest Motivator of All
  • If You Want Something, Go After It
  • To Motivate…Tug at the Heartstrings
  • Faith Is a Sublime Motivator
  • Inspiration Begets Knowledge and Know-how
  • Be a Self-Starter
  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

An Eventful Journey

  • I Selected a Good Crew
  • Have the Courage to Enter the Unknown
  • Lay the Proper Foundation
  • A Hot Dog and a Glass of Milk
  • Get Keyed Up
  • I Determined to Multiply Myself
  • Grasp the Opportunity You Make
  • Ask Advice from the Man Who Can Help You
  • It’s Never Too Late to Learn
  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

We Weathered the Storm

  • Prepare to Meet Life’s Emergencies
  • The Aim of Life Is Life Itself
  • Prepare to Fight
  • Learn From the Experience of Others
  • I Attacked My Problem
  • What I Didn’t Know
  • Necessity Motivated Me to Action
  • Trial and Success
  • Character-Attitude-Willingness to Learn
  • Attitude Made Them Has-Beens
  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

It’s Easy If You Know How

  • Enthusiasm Attracts
  • I Had a Problem
  • Blueprint for Success
  • To Succeed–Select Your Environment
  • Turn a Disadvantage into an Advantage
  • The Amazing Discovery
  • The Sales Log

Mysterious Sources of Power

  • Her Prayers Were Answered
  • The Man with the Radar Mind
  • Hidden Channels of the Mind
  • Forecasting
  • Cycles
  • Growth Trends
  • Free Yourself from Bondage
  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

The Way of All Flesh

  • The Good That I Would…I Do Not, The Evil That I Would Not…That I Do
  • Suggestion Tempts…Self-Suggestion Repels Evil
  • Togetherness
  • The Traitor
  • Arm Yourself Now to Resist Later

How to Get Where You Want

If You Want a Job, Go After It

  • It Pays to Study, Learn and Use a Success System
  • One Good Man Attracts Another
  • The Strangest Book Ever Written
  • Think and Grow Rich
  • A Chunk of Coal… and Something More
  • The Treasure Map Is Complete
  • A Living Philosophy
  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

Wealth and the True Riches of Life

  • Wealth and Opportunity
  • Our Great Inheritance
  • How Wealth Is Made
  • Taxes Are Good
  • The Wealth of Nations
  • Increased Wealth Through Giving
  • Foreign Credit Balances
  • Win the Cold War More Quickly
  • You, Wealth, and Opportunity
  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

How to Spark the Ambition

  • Give Him Something to Live For
  • How I Motivated Him
  • Give Him Opportunity…to Make His Dreams Come True
  • To Motivate…Romance
  • Spark the Fire of Ambition Through the Success System That Never Fails
  • How Can I Do Better at School?
  • How to Get a Job
  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

Gifted Men Are Made…Not Born

  • Intelligence
  • Gifted…Aptitude…Genius…Talent
  • Comments on What the Expert
  • Motivation Is of the Utmost Importance
  • Meet a Potential Genius
  • You Can Raise Your I.Q.
  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

The Power That Changes the Destiny

  • Use the Power That Changes the Course of Destiny
  • Use Your Noodle
  • A Driving Desire Motivated Him to Wrong Action
  • His Moral Code Didn’t Stop Him
  • High Standards Keep Him from Crime
  • High, Inviolable Standards Repel Evil Suggestions
  • How to Develop the Power That Changes the Course of Your Destiny
  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors

The True Riches of Life

  • What Are the True Riches of Life?
  • The Fine Art and  the True Riches of Life
  • He Shares the Love of Music and Finds True Riches

The Search Ends

  • Leading Indicators
  • The Geisinger Indicator
  • How to Relate and Assimilate
  • His Social Time Recorder and the Success System That Never Fails
  • Don’t Expect What You Don’t Inspect
  • “La Fe”
  • Be Honest with Yourself
  • It’s Up to You
  • Little Hinges That Swing Big Doors
  • The Author Reviews His Own Work
  • My Mind Has Been Opened
  • Expand Your Horizon

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