Sell With Confidence!: Crush Your Fear of Being Rejected, Avoid Being Pushy, and Have the Courage to Make Money Selling by Barry Watson Book Review

My rating: 5 Stars

Sell With Confidence Review:

This is one the best sellers from Marketing & Sales section on Amazon. I’m getting more interested in selling, so that’s why I’ve decided to start reading more about marketing and selling.

I have to say that I like this book because it’s straight forward, and its telling us that we need to focus on finding products that we like, we want to use by ourselves, in which we believe in; and getting into selling these product(s) it’s so much easier, rather than focusing on random products just to make money.

This book is great for those are interested in getting into sales; I know that I am. But, like many other I am also looking in which industry to get in, and which product(s) to choose. And this book was been helpful, but I wouldn’t rely only on this book; I plan to read much more books on this subject.

What I would add about this, when you stop and think for a while about everything that has been written in this book; you will come to conclusion that it is a common sense.

Overall, this is great book for those who are interested getting into sales. Of course, we do need to learn much more, especially it’s better to find particular industry and learn more about best products from that industry.

I will try to find more good books related to this subject and read it.

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Sell With Confidence Summary:

Chapter 1: Sales Sabotage – Why Selling Scares the Heck out of Some People




Do these words describes how you feel at times when it comes to selling, or if you are put in the dreaded position of having to promote yourself to family, friends, or people you don’t know? Does the thought of others think of you tend to hold you back from being the best salesperson you can be?

Regardless of your current level of sales-confidence, you have a fantastic opportunity to grow from where you are and become the successful sales person you want to be.

If You Are Scared Of Selling, Don’t Panic

Whenever some people think of selling, they think of having to push products forcefully down the throats of those who don’t want it. They think they must annoy the heck out of their friends and family if they want to be successful. If this is you, you’ll be pleased to know that things have changed.

Why Some People Are Scared Of Selling?

One of the main reasons people are standoffish when it comes to selling is because they are more self-conscious than they are success-conscious. Deep down, they have a crisis of confidence. They are so fixated on what could go wrong that they forget what can go right. If your mind is closed off from can go right, this will quickly become your daily reality.

What’s Sabotaging Your Sales Success?

Take a quick look at the following list of 10 things to see which factor might be sabotaging your success:

  1. You hate the idea of being rejected.
  2. You don’t want to come across as pushy.
  3. You feel awkward promoting yourself.
  4. You feel as though you’re intruding.
  5. You worry about not knowing what to say.
  6. You don’t feel comfortable asking for the sale.
  7. You are too scared to phone customer back.
  8. You regularly offer discounts to get a sale.
  9. You have a bad experience as a salesperson.
  10. You feel you have to compromise your values.

My Scary Story

In this part of this book author is sharing short story of how he got into selling business; and tried to figure out by himself, how to create better presentation of products that he was selling.

Chapter 2: Discover The Secret Sauce Of Selling

What’s most important? Self-confidence, of course.

What you achieve is always proceeded by who you are. In other words, because you have a healthy amount of self.confidence, that gives you a healthy dose of sales-confidence. The truth is, when you are confident about selling, your customers are most comfortable about buying from you.

Your Personal Baggage

No salesperson is perfect. However, any extra personal baggage you carry into a selling situation will cost you more than it needs to. Personal baggage dilutes your secret sauce, and ultimately gets in the way of connecting with customers and making sales.

Extra baggage can include:

  1. Being too self-conscious.
  2. Being too shy to follow up with customers.
  3. Talking too much because you’re nervous.
  4. Giving up too easily.
  5. Being afraid to ask for the sale.
  6. Wanting to be liked more that wanting to be successful.
  7. Dismissing the idea of selling before considering it.

The Successful Solopreneur

If you are in business for yourself, you have an amazing opportunity to make money and help many people through what you offer. Rather than being told what you will earn by a boss, you can set the level of your income by the amount you sell. The more you sell, the more you will make. This can give you the freedom to take time off to do whatever you wish.

The Small Word That Packs a Powerful Punch

Out of the man thousands of words in the English language, the biggest thing that can destroy your secret sauce happens to be one of the smallest words known to man. Even though this word has only two letters, it packs such a powerful punch that many would-be salespeople never venture into selling in the first place.

That word is “NO!”.

Chapter 3: Understand the True Nature of Selling

  1. Selling is for extroverts.
  2. Selling is for liars and manipulators.
  3. Selling is for money-hungry ego-maniacs.
  4. Selling is for people who can’t get a real job.
  5. Selling is for those who don’t have a conscience.
  6. Selling is forcing people to buy what they don’t want.

Why is it that some people have such a negative outlook on selling? Yes, some of the above statements are true. However, every coin has two sides. In the defense of selling, let’s take a look at both sides of the argument to determine what selling really is all about. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

Why Selling Gets a Bad Rep

Yes, sales has acquired a bad rep over the years – and deservingly so! Annoying insurance agents, morally bankrupt internet scammers, and relentless telemarketers haven’t helped.

In the past, selling felt like being in the jungle – it was a hunter versus prey. The aim of the salesperson was to win at any means necessary. It was the classic battle between salesperson who desperately wanted a sale, and the customer who wanted the deal of the decade. To the victor belonged the spoils.

What Selling Really Is?

There are several different ways you can define selling. Here’s one of the simplest definitions I have come across – “Selling is finding a customer’s need and meeting it”.

This is what true, modern-day selling is all about. It doesn’t involve manipulation or trickery. Selling is all about being yourself, and helping other to get what they want.

Simple Selling Mistakes

  1. Forgot that customer is the center of the selling process.
  2. Focusing too much on yourself, rather than on a customer.

Money Can Change Your Motives

With a get-money-at-all-costs attitude, you are no good to yourself, nor to your customers. Desperation only reduces your chance of getting a sale, and destroys likelihood of building long-term relationships and getting referrals. If the relationship you have with others is all about what you can get, you won’t get much.

When you focus on helping customers get what they want, you will get paid well and create a loyal base of customers who like you and who refer you to others. So, focus on providing to customers amazing value, and the money will take care of itself.

Chapter 4: The Great Sale Exchange

In the broadest term of the great exchange, what you want from customers is their money and ongoing business. What your customers want is that your product or service will continue to meet their needs now and in the future.

Two sides of the Sales Fence

In this section you will find a list of fourteen things that you want from your customers, and what customers want from you.

Self-Awareness Leads to Self-Confidence

The more you are aware of what you bring to the table, and the unique needs for your customers, the more confident you will become. Rather than wasting everyone’s time, you will be able to focus immediately on the things that are most important to your customers.

Give More – Get More

One thing to keep in mind is that when you give more, the law of reciprocity kicks in and you will get more. Things that customers will happily give you can include following:

  1. Greater sales
  2. Greater loyalty
  3. Greater margins
  4. Greater referrals
  5. Greater enjoyment
  6. Greater information

Although it’s very important for you to make money, it’s equally important that you meet your customer’s needs. That’s why occasionally giving away something that’s free, with no strings attached, can be incredibly powerful and attractive.

Chapter 5: Change What You Think and Change What You Earn

Rather than thinking in terms of having to sell something to someone, you could translate it into other more empowering words, such as:

  1. Helping
  2. Enabling
  3. Caring
  4. Assisting
  5. Alleviating
  6. Promoting
  7. Serving
  8. Solving
  9. Supporting

Each day, you should focus on helping as many people as you can, not simply trying to sell them something. By doing this, you will start to feel a lot more relaxed and customers will respect you more.

Money Follows Your Thoughts

When the light bulb turns on and you realize that you can approach customers and prospects without fear or apprehension, your level of success will skyrocket. When you start to see selling in a positive way, confidence will began to build, and the best part is that you’ll realize most people are happy to hear what you have to say. The initial concerns you had will not become the big scary monster you imagined.

The Price of Being Too Nice

Being nice is good, but being too nice isn’t.

It’s usually the nicest people who have the most difficulty with selling. The last thing they want to do is impose on people who are busy or discuss things they might be not interested in.

Your Perspective Can be Priceless

It’s clear how thinking positively or negatively can dramatically affect what you do, and more importantly, what you earn. If a customer haven’t give a definite no, then the sale is still much alive, and therefore rip for the picking. I never think that following up a client is being intrusive; I always see it as being helpful.

Chapter 6: Why Selling Brings Out the Best and the Worst in You

“Somehow I can’t believe that there are any heights that can’t be scaled by a man who knows the secrets of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four Cs. They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” – Walt Disney

Selling is Emotive, Here’s Why…

For two main reasons – money and self-esteem.

With the right attitude, great skills, and fantastic product or service, you can make a lot of money in sales.

Fear: Friend or Foe?

Fear is not your friend!

Fear server no one except itself. It limits your personal growth, your income, and your career advancement. However, confidence frees you from fear, and enables you to think and act in incredibly powerful ways which benefits you, your company, and your client. In other words, when you have confidence, everyone wins.

Sell With Confidence

Competence breeds confidence!

Apart from using the language you use to describe selling, here are four important pillars you must have a strong belief and knowledge of:

  1. Your company (who you work for)
  2. Your team (who you work with)
  3. Your product or service (what you sell)
  4. Yourself (who customers buy from)

When you have a very hood knowledge of these four pillars, it will give you greater sales-confidence to find and work with customers without feeling as if you’re being intrusive or pushy.

Chapter 7: Pillars of Sales-Confidence

When you have the will and the skill, you can achieve amazing things in sales. One thing that will tremendously help you boost sales-confidence is increasing your knowledge.

To help put a practical spin on significantly increasing your sales-confidence, we are now going to dive in an focus on the following four pillars:

  1. Your Company (who you work for)
  2. Your Team (who you work with)
  3. Your Product or Service (what you sell)
  4. Yourself (who customers buys from)

Chapter 8: Be Your Awesome Natural Self

Selling isn’t like being a clown who dresses up to perform, and then at the end of the day takes off their costume and makeup to become who they really are. Selling is about integrity and being authentic. It’s about letting the beauty of your awesome, natural self become the attractive quality that customers get to see and enjoy.

Get Into Your Groove

While you should be yourself, it’s also helpful to learn from other who are well ahead of the game. Being your awesome natural self and learning best practice from others is a smart way to avoid making needless mistakes, ant to get ahead quickly. Not just when you start in sales, but also thereafter. And of course, if you don’t know what to do, ask someone who does.

The Sales Staircase

If you want to achieve more, you can’t stay where you are. Growth isn’t an option; it’s a requirement. The success you are looking for can only be found outside your comfort zone. However, your incentive for venturing beyond what feels comfortable is that for each new level of confidence your reach, you receive a greater amount of reward.

As you climb the sales staircase, there are three stages you may go through to become more naturally sales-confident, and they are:

  1. Challenge
  2. Courage
  3. Conquer


Take the Ice Out of Price

Being able to discuss pricing with greater confidence comes when you totally believe in what you’re selling, and therefore can speak passionately about it. When you can do this, your product comes alive and it becomes harder for customers to say no. You will find that you can still be your awesome natural self, and discuss pricing with ease  because you know the true worth of what you sell.

Chapter 9: The Real Reason People Buy

Did you know that 88 percent of people buy something because of emotional reasons, and only 12 percent because of logic? In other words, customers buy something because it feels good, rather than because it makes logical sense. How people feel toward a product plays a far grater role in their buying motives than statistics or factual information.

What Are You Selling?

What you’re selling may seem very simple and straightforward to you. However, what you are selling is what customers want to buy. Until you fully understand this, you will struggle to speak an attractive language that customers understand and positively respond to. Having this acute knowledge of what your customers really want from you will help give you a greater level of sales-confidence.

Speak to Sell

Great salespeople have learned how to mold the English language into powerful words, phrases, and stories which instantly grab their customer’s attention. Rather than simply seeing what they sell as a product or service, top salespeople are able to masterfully extinguish fear, and make what they sell come alive in the customer’s mind.

Diminishing Emotions

10 common mistakes customers have about salespeople:

  1. He/she tried to sell me something I didn’t want.
  2. He/she seemed distracted and not interested.
  3. He/she didn’t know the product well enough.
  4. He/she has annoying mannerism.
  5. He/she never got back to me.
  6. He/she wasn’t well groomed.
  7. He/she was confrontational.
  8. He/she chewed gum.
  9. He/she didn’t listen.
  10. He/she was pushy.

People View You as You View Yourself

On topic of emotionally engaging customers in the buying process, if you have low opinion of yourself, don’t expect others to raise that level for you. That’s your job. Customers will only view you as you view yourself – no more, no less.

Chapter 10: How to Positively Redefine Rejection

Part of the beauty of selling is its unpredictability. You never know what’s going to happen until it does. However, through your attitude, skills, and hard work, you can have great influence on the final outcome. You can either use rejection or disappointments to stop you, or you can use them to help you become unstoppable. What will you choose?

Redefine Your View Of Rejection

To be successful at selling, you have to be willing to change your perspective. Rather than associating selling with fear, anxiety or rejection, you must begin to see how it can help you and your customers. To do this, it will require you to step outside your comfort zone. You must also be willing to back your thoughts with action.

What more you can find in this section are three explanations:

  1. How to redefine your view of selling.
  2. How to redefine your view of how customers perceive you.
  3. How to redefine your perspective when a customers say no.

The Confidence Crossroads

You now have a choice. Will you keep holding on a fearful or false perspective of selling? Or, will you start to create powerful new reality about how selling can help you, your customers, and the company you own or work for?

Remember, your beliefs determine your behavior.

Chapter 11: Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks

The difference between someone who does well in selling and someone who doesn’t is that they keep going regardless of setbacks they face. In other words, they don’t give up. They are prepared to roll up their sleeves and get the job done, no matter what it physically or emotionally takes.

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

10 ways to keep going when you feel like giving up:

  1. Remind yourself of why you do what you do.
  2. Realize that some things are out of your control.
  3. Remember you can’t please everyone.
  4. Refresh your mind by taking short breaks.
  5. Recharge your batteries by learning new skills.
  6. Relate with positive friends and influences.
  7. Reflect on how you can do things better next time.
  8. Refuse to allow a temporary setbacks to derail you.
  9. Resolve to become stronger and more determined.
  10. Tomorrow’s a brand new day.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy – Why?

“Once bitten, twice shy” is a popular saying, but you don’t have to live by it. Instead, you can choose to learn from your fears, mistakes, and disappointments and become stronger in character, confidence, and skills. When you do this, no selling experience is wasted. Instead, it makes you more complete and confident person.

Chapter 12: Create a Sales-Confidence Game Plan

Having a confidence game plan doesn’t mean you will instantly be transformed into a selling juggernaut. What it does mean is that you will now have a specific pathway to help lift your confidence so you can unleash the successful salesperson you know you can become.

10 Steps to Supercharge Your Sales-Confidence:

  1. Have a big why
  2. Have zero tolerance for negativity
  3. Have realistic expectations
  4. Have the heart of a dreamer
  5. Have a strong value proposition
  6. Have a sales strategy
  7. Have the heart of a learner
  8. Have a supportive team
  9. Have a mini success celebrations
  10. Have a go

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