Scribd Review

Scribd Review:

Scribd is a online digital library that contains hundred of thousands E-Books, Audiobooks, Magazines, News, Documents, Sheet Music that is available for everyone 30 days for free, and then we pay $8.99 per month, and the bill is billed monthly – you don’t have to pay yearly subscription.

The advantage of this program over Kindle Unlimited is that, you have access over so many books just about anywhere in the world. Since I’m not located in North America, that means I don’t have access to Kindle Unlimited – and I found Scribd looking online for online library.

Reason why I’m using Scribd is because I do read a lot, and most of the books that I want to read are quite expensive, and it would cost me hundreds of dollars to buy books that I want to read. Since I’m only interested in Business Books, Self-Help, Self-Improvement, Self-Development books, I found many titles available on Scribd that I want to read.

With that said, if you’re someone who really like to read a lot, can’t get access to Kindle Unlimited, than you will find Scribd very much useful and you’ll be able to enjoy many good books, many of your favorite ones that you’re looking forward reading it. Good thing is that, you won’t waste money on buying books that doesn’t provide good content in them. Especially if you like to read Business related books – there are so many useless books out there available for sale.

One thing that is a con to this is, that I don’t have the option to save the books. I do like to own books that I’m reading, especially those that I found very much useful and list them under my Best Books List, but the solution to that is that I can buy it on Amazon and add it to my collection. It will cost more, but I’m someone who likes to keep the good books and when ever I have opportunity to read them again, and I like to create my personal library. That’s the only downsize in my opinion when it comes using online libraries.

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