Choose Yourself! By James Altucher Book Review

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Choose Yourself Review:

We are living in times where most of us are feeling lost, and don’t know how to proceed and what to do with our lives. There are so many young and old people that are feeling like that, but so little of us are trying to find solution(s) to our problems, and make a better life for ourselves.

This book is one of the “Self-help” books that delivers good content from which we can start learning about the new things, and also to get motivated to start working on changing our lives to better ones. And, what I like is that James is focused a lot on the “mediocre people”, and I consider myself just a mediocre guy who is trying to find my purpose in life, and create better life for myself and my family.

James did a great job of combining a great information, not just from his personal experience, but also there are interviews with other successful people, and many tips are shared in this book. One thing that you won’t find in this book, is that specific direction where you should be heading in the future from now. And, I have to be honest, no one can give that kind of advice to us, we have to “find ourselves” firstly and than continue to improve ourselves in that direction. But, still, there are a lot of great content inside this book that will help you to start moving from a dead spot.

In this economy where we constantly getting information about disappearing of the middle class and rising lines between poor and rich people, most of us are scared what is going to happen to our future, I know that I am.

There is a good quote in this book, and it’s saying:

For the past five thousand years, people have been largely enslaved by a few selected masters who understood how violence, religion, communication, debt, and class warfare, all work together to subjugate a large group of people”.

I like this quote, because, even if it seems today that we are still in control by a few, there are a lot of stories how many of the ordinary people manage to get through all this and achieve success. It does require a lot of work, but my opinion is, that is worth trying our best to succeed. That’s why book is called “Choose Yourself!, James is telling us that we shouldn’t give up easily, and we need to do our best to find our purpose.

What he’s also talking is about rejection, and how we should avoid letting rejection to take us down. When we get rejected, we feel bad, and that affect on us that we are losing productivity, because we are to much focused on negativity. His advice is to use rejection as motivation to start working on improvement right away.

I like this book because it contains good information, and I would recommend everyone to read it who is looking for self-help books.

I like it because James shared how he had ups and downs in his life, from losing money, wife, father he still managed to get back up and try to fix the problems as much as possible. I like to learn from people who had ups and downs in their lives (of course, I’m not glad to see someone having problems in their lives, just to state this), but never give up. In the end, he managed to get through everything and sort his life.

Also, I’ve read something in this book that really got me wondering on what kind of path I want to choose in my life. Here’s the quote of that part from book – “The learned man aims for more. But the wise man decreases. And then decreases again.”. For me this quote represent someone who is not obsessed only with material things in life, there are much more that can make us feel happy in life.

Although, money is important, I think we shouldn’t be too materialistic in our lives. And I’ve started questioning so many of my opinions that I’ve had so far when I started to read much more that I used to do it. Reading does help a lot!

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