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What this Blog is all about?

“I’m Educating Myself” is Book Reviews and Summaries Blog where you can find books from “Business & Money” section, as well as “Self-Help, Self-Development and Self-Improvements” books – I personally read every book and write about them on this blog. I’m doing this to gain good knowledge that can be helpful for me, and if I read a good books that were helpful to me I will recommend those books to others from which everyone can learn useful things when it comes to business and personal growth.

Another reason is, there are so many books right now that are selling on Amazon, and it’s difficult to find good ones, from which we can really learn something useful. Most of them are just bunch of information that authors gather from various different websites, and them sell them on Amazon. And that is the way how they make money.

Why I’ve started this blog?

The answer on this question it’s really simple. I’ve started this Blog to share with others my opinions on books that I’ve read, and those who I’m going to read in future.

This blog is my personal journey to gaining more knowledge related to business, from which I want to build more successful financial future for myself. And, if I can help someone else during that process, that will be great.

More about me, and why I am doing this.

This is one man blog, and one man journey to become better and more successful in future.

I‘m currently 26 years old, in couple of months, to be precise in October I will turn 27 (in this current 2017).

I didn’t have opportunity to get education from prestigious Business schools. I didn’t even went to college. I’ve started working when I was 14 years old, working through high-school, and continue working after it. I worked many different jobs, mostly bad ones, because I don’t have higher education.

I was able to find couple of part-time online jobs, such as micro jobs and website testing jobs. But those don’t make much on a side. They are good opportunity to get into online world of making money.

I always wanted to have a great education, especially business education, and this is why I started to educate myself using online resources.

Time is passing by very fast, and there are no time to regret for the mistakes that I’ve made in past. I know that I won’t be able to have same knowledge as those that went into great business schools, but if I can get a fraction of those that can help me in future, I will be very satisfied.

My plan is to learn enough in next several years that would help me get ideas and knowledge to start my own business.

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About Me
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About Me
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